by Beach Bug

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This goes out to everyone in the Pablo Generation, you know who you are. I'd also like to thank my family and other friends who gave me support throughout the months.


released April 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Beach Bug Greenville, South Carolina

All songs are written and recorded in the bedroom of Michael Robbins in Greenville, SC.

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Track Name: Hook the Fish
I am a Fish
You are a Fish
We are a Fish
and we're swimming in the seven seas

We're all alone
But we're not alone
We aren't alone
So let's go to bed

I'm pushing the point
That I am the point
That you are the point
That I'm swimming in the seven seas

You're not alone
I'm not alone
We're not alone

So just come to bed,

Come to.
Track Name: Sandy Cheeks
Hello my name is Sandy Checks,
I came here to play I came to eat,
I opened the door to see all the pictures,
To when I was young and feeling amused.

I'm a little fish in a pond
Swimming so far, he was gone
Into the sea of a cliff
And now I act like you never existed

Sandy Cheeks
Stay with me
In my sleep
In my dreams

Amusement park ride
I get closer
To touching your clouds on my shoulder

I was Eight when I went hungry,
for Marshmallows and some Gravy

Sandy Cheeks
Stay with me
In my sleep
In my dreams
Track Name: The Nest
Little Bird
On a rock
You are tall
You are soft
Drinking in parking lots
Till my brain
It is rotting from thoughts within
Breathing in
Breathing sin
I am not what I seem
I am drinking Kerosene.
Track Name: Casey
Casey is the kid
Who would break his little bones
From climbing out the window
From hiding from his Mom
He couldn't feel his feet
So he got a little high
Oh Casey is the boy
That I'll love until I die


Casey you're the one
You're the one I really want
When I'm taking lots of Xanax
And having too much

When will the day come?
I shouted to the sky
When will Casey love me?
When will he be mine?

Casey the Kid

You're the one I need
Come and rescue me

You're the one I want
You're the one I need
Track Name: Kevin's Birthday
I'm heading outside
Going west
To forget

You getting over
Me today
While I'm so far away

Not going to school
It's my birthday
Call me Kevin
Is my day
I'm in heaven
Cause I'm so far away.
Track Name: Emily: the 2nd Hottest Girl in Mrs. Smith Class
Emily what's going on?
Selling pills you're craving
But today I'm gone away for good
I think I learned a thing or two
You are not the same.